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Meet Erin.

Peace of Mind Makers Founder

          Health & Awareness Coach

                        Creative Performer

Candy Cotton

Hi, Im Erin!

Hello, I’m Erin! Thank you for visiting my personal site.

I'm an ambitious woman with a creative spirit, and it comes with an abundance of energy that I
put towards pursuing my passions and helping others.

I have many different areas of interest that I love to spend my time exploring and sharing,
including but not limited to health and wellness, music, dance, and the arts, and a growing
spectrum of natural magic practices branching from lunar cycle traditions.


I currently offer intuitively designed monthly coaching packages for those who are interested in improving their physical health, spiritual connections, and overall confidence in their abilities. You can find this on my Plans & Pricing page, or you can feel free to send me an email inquiry.

I feel that when I'm creating, entertaining, or instructing, I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

I've been involved with vocal and instrumental performance and composition since grade
school. I attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a major in Cello Performance
and a minor in Piano Performance.

Although I have continued to book myself for music composition and performance gigs over the
years, I left my studies at WCUPA to pursue a certification program in dog obedience training
through Animal Behavior College.

It has always been my dream to open and operate an animal shelter, and although I am
currently pursuing other interests, I look forward to any opportunities that allow me to work with
animals and allow that dream to flourish in the future.

One of the creative projects I’m working on is renovating an antique motorhome into a traveling
studio where I am able to fuel my multitude of passions all while exploring new places. You can
find updates on my journey through the lunarvlog page!

Being a performer and entertainer at heart, I have also developed a growing passion for the art
of dance that subsequently forged a new path for health and wellness in my life.

Over time, dancing has given me an incredible outlet to express myself while staying active
physically and active in a supportive and ambitious community. The more I practiced and
studied, the more feedback I got from people saying I inspire them.

I found that embracing a creative activity and making it a priority was the secret ingredient to
getting the sustainable results and balance I had always craved throughout my fitness journey,
and I want to encourage others to find the ingredients that create the recipe for their own dream

In February 2020, I passed my certification exam to become a personal trainer, and now I run a
passion-fueled program called Peace of Mind Makers to create an environment for others to
efficiently pursue their goals while practicing self-love and awareness.
 In 2022, I began working as a Personal Trainer for Crunch Fitness with one-on-one clients in person as well.

My mission on this platform is to apply the experiences I've gathered from years of studying and
being coached both in fitness and the arts toward helping others discover a balanced and
fulfilling lifestyle. Embracing the powers of our own abilities creates a connection between the

imagination and reality, so that we may form new pathways that lead to expansion and growth
toward the intended result.

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know what I’m all about! Having viewers that care is
what I’m here for.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Image by Hassaan Qaiser
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