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My EDCLV Experience - Day Three


It's been nearly a month now since this experience, and I'm still not ready to move on or fully process what it meant to me. I remember waking up for the final day of the festival with the realization that this crazy trip would be coming to an end, and I would have to come down from my high and ground myself in reality again.

Having this moment of clarity luckily put me into the perfect state of mind to fully immerse myself in being present and soaking it in. No matter how much was going through my head, I wanted to remember the FEELING in my body. I think the fact that I was successful in doing this is part of the reason that I feel like I don't have as many concrete thoughts to share as I anticipated. But I've also come to realize that my most valued moments were so impactful BECAUSE of how indescribable they felt. I could write out all the details of how the festival went down, but they wouldn't do justice to express how surreal it was to witness the incredible collective energy and passion for life that filled the speedway.

I found myself aching and losing my voice, yet still not wanting to leave. There are surprisingly few times in my life where I legitimately wished that I could stay in this moment forever. Everything I went through to get myself to this point was worth it.

Not only did this affirm to me that I can physically handle a journey of this magnitude with balance and not overdo it to the point of setting myself back, but also that my intuition has truly been guiding me for the last few years that I've had this dream of making this trip happen. I've gained more than just some new favorite memories. I've formed soul connections that made me feel pure love and acceptance, and through this I've been able to reshape my self-confidence and feel empowered to go after anything.

This may be the end of recapturing my first festival, but it will be staying with me indefinitely, especially as I start planning the next one.

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