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My EDCLV Experience - Day Two

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Waking up after one of the craziest and best nights of my life so far was surprisingly easy. I really thought I would be in a lot more pain after what I had put my body through, but I actually think the frequencies I'd been exposed to had helped me heal along the way.

Okay, so I admit my feet were in pretty rough shape from being stuffed in a pair of snow boots and beaten against the pavement for over 12 hours in one sitting, but that was understandable. I was just relieved to have had such an uplifting experience on my first day, that nothing could have brought me down.

We didn't get into the festival until after dark that night, so I didn't get quite as many pictures, but it was pretty incredible to be able to just walk straight in like we owned the place and nothing else mattered except being there, being home.

The music and energy that flowed through Day 2 were visceral and raw. You could sense that everyone was fully immersed in whatever they chose to connect with, and I felt more of the electric charge surrounding me with every move I made. It was so exhilarating being a part of that environment that I was fully able to enjoy being sober as well.

Despite the lack of mind-altering substances, it still feels like a blur when I try to piece the night together. If I didn't have recorded proof that I was actually there, I might be convinced that it was all a dream.

But it was though, because I've dreamed about being there and feeling that rush of the rumbling bass, the acceptance of who I've wanted to be for so long, that it's already been a part of me that I had internalized.

Visualization and affirmations will get you through anything, I swear. They will also charge your memories with the power of the experience you've had so that you can channel it without getting caught up in all the details.

I left the festival after Day 2 feeling invincible, even with the inevitable Uber troubles. When I was finally back at the hotel for some rest, I peeled off my costume and started setting the stage in my mind for the final act - Day 3.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves - take a deep breath and appreciate what you just experienced.

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