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NEW! Astrology Coaching Plans for Seasonal Awareness

I'm so excited to share this breakthrough in my coaching and personal practice with astrology! This will be, in my opinion, the most effective way to pursue any goals that relate to creating a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

All zodiac signs fall into 1 of 3 different modalities - cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

Each season contains one zodiac sign for each modality, always beginning with a cardinal sign and ending with a mutable sign with a fixed sign in the middle.

Like the beginning of a new season, cardinal signs help us initiate new things, putting things in motion that will have a long-term impact and strong potential for growth.

On the other hand, mutable signs help us adapt and transition to new conditions, adjusting to the environment while trusting the process and being open to opportunities that may emerge.

In between these two modalities is always a fixed sign, which helps us to focus and stay committed to our priorities, using the ability to concentrate with confidence and conviction.

Although every season offers different opportunities, understanding this framework is the key to seasonal awareness and staying on track with your goals no matter what the conditions may be.

What does the Seasonal Awareness Plan contain, and how will this effectively guide you through the process of reaching your goals?

Each season corresponds with 3 zodiac signs, and within each zodiacal month there are many aspects of astrology, such as transits, for example, that can be observed to provide a personal horoscope for you. These horoscopes are my interpretation and insight on how to navigate the ever-changing influences of your energetic relationships, and to bring awareness to the most effective ways to balance your personal priorities with anything from your professional to your spiritual goals.

There will be an introductory consultation call included prior to the beginning of a new Seasonal Awareness Plan where we will discuss any relevant information to your priorities and goals, as well as have a chance to clear up any questions we each may have about the coming months.

Since each one of the three zodiacal months in every season has its distinct differences, it will also be necessary to schedule a consultation call before each new zodiac month begins. This will work as a recap of the previous month, as well as an update on any life changes that may affect the relevance of your horoscope readings through my interpretations.

There will be FOUR total consultation calls for each Seasonal Awareness Plan. These can last up to 1 hour.

The horoscopes will be posted directly to your calendar and will be completed between the time of our consultation and the new zodiac month.

These plans are now available for purchase in the "Coaching" tab on the homepage of my website. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions at all!

Let's dive deep into balancing your lifestyle to reach your highest potential!

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