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Peace of Mind Makers

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This concept is something that feels really empowering for me. I want to share it so others can feel the power of creating your own peace of mind and find balance and wholeness in your life.

First I want to clarify that I have no training in therapy, and I have never even sat down with a therapist for a session. I have collected bits of wisdom from the people I feel are near to my heart and do my best to apply them to my life whenever I'm in a tough situation. Unfortunately bits and pieces won't sustain you.

I heavily considered funnelling some money into therapy after my dog Paka suddenly got cancer and died at the beginning of this year because I would keep struggling to hold it together throughout an entire day at work. I was just teetering on top of a mountain of other issues I had tried to bury and forget about. At the same time, everything started to shut down for Covid and I officially stopped having a reason to go to work, so at least I had some time to slow down and think.

I decided not to shut down and ignore my pain anymore. Through a combination of things -having a loving and patient coach to help me focus on keeping my health a priority, likewise my loved ones who support my healing process, the instructors who have become as dear to me as my closest friends - I have forged a path for my own self-discovery and throughout this journey I look for valuable tools. Instead of just collecting bits and pieces I look for actual ingredients to create the best recipe for my personal success and happiness.

Although each of our experiences in a human body on earth is no doubt unique, there are universal elements of well-being and cultivating peace of mind. If you consider how you feel while reading a well-written book or eating a well-cooked meal, you might even start to crave those things. It might even motivate you to pick up a book or make some food and take action on your thoughts. This is why it's key to understand how your experiences make you feel and how it relates to your current state and what you'd like to accomplish.

We often numb or mislabel how we really feel about our experiences because society has programmed our minds to react to certain things and not to others. If you're feeling unbalanced and lacking direction or understanding in your daily life, it's crucial for you to take the time to do some self-evaluation. It's not an easy task when nobody has taught you how you're supposed to even start. It's also not going to happen in one sitting.

The recipe I have for myself is going to be different from yours, but I think the ingredients are mostly the same. Those universal things that make life good, like being in a clean space, they enter the recipe in different quantities for different people. I would love to share the ingredients I've gathered and let you decide the measurements to achieve more balance in your life. Let's make some peace of mind together.

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