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Progress over Perfection

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my physique, mostly because I’ve been patiently recovering from an injury last fall. While my focus shifted away from “getting a workout in” I made sure to prioritize staying active doing plenty of other things. If you haven’t been following my other accounts, I’ve been sharing my activities and studies through live streaming on Peace of Mind Makers in between running programs on there, I’ve been renovating an antique RV and learning along the way.

Trying to keep myself as busy as possible with things other than gym time led me to slip back into some unhealthy eating habits at some points throughout the winter. When I finally started feeling recovered enough to pick back up with my training, I realized I wasn’t eating enough.

Since I’ve been focusing on using my intuition more, I wanted to continue with intuitive eating, but I knew I had to keep track somehow to make sure I wasn’t forgetting to eat before rushing off to get something done. Still, I didn’t want to start worrying about hitting my macros perfectly every day. What I ended up doing was starting a food log on TikTok with short little clips of everything I eat in a day. No dieting or meal planning, just putting effort back into my relationship with food. I’ve been doing it every day now for 4 weeks, and have been able to complete a full round of Shuffle Shred for the first time since my injury.

This is why I’m so proud of these results, because I’ve been doing it totally for myself in the name of love. When you make the decision to love yourself as you are, you see immediate results.

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