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Shining comes from reflection

Lessons from observing nature

The rapid growth of an organism is beneficial for covering a large area, and in this the growth rate holds its own power in creating a strong and interconnected root system.

The gradual growth of an organism is beneficial for creating deep roots, and in this stoic nature of creating a strong foundation, the organism holds its own power in creating a strong singular root system.

There is power in both the collective and the singular, and one would not exist without the other. A field of dandelions is not any more or less beneficial to nature than a single tree in the same field, and they both settle into their own ways of existing in harmony with each other.

It’s the lack of resistance toward following the natural process of growth and existence that allows these organisms to be beneficial for the environment they occur in.

Contrary to the motivational phrasing at home decor shops, not everything thrives in the environment it was first planted. The fortunate thing about being human is having the consciousness to survey our lives and put effort into not only creating our own ideal environments, but helping others to navigate that experience as well.

I love sharing my philosophical trains of thought and leading anyone along who wants to join me. These are the kind of observations that motivate me to be a more understanding and emotionally intelligent coach.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to help you figure out an intuitive and sustainable plan to reach your goals or balance your lifestyle, now is the perfect time to check out my subscription plans. I can’t wait to show you how following a program that’s customized for you could improve your quality of life.

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