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With all due respect, I'm respecting my energy

We've all experienced dissonance from being online, whether it's frustration with algorithms or with our peers. Most likely, we've all attempted to establish harmony in at least one of those circumstances. Finding a resolution to any kind of dissonance is satisfying, so it's something we chase to experience that gratification.

(I'll be posting a separate video where I dive into what harmony means in a scientific and historic context, by the way)

Maybe you're reading this and already silently criticizing my take on how we use our energy in the massive world of the web, and that's okay (insert sarcastic tone). I realize that there are as many different perspectives as there are atoms in the universe.

Of course, this realization doesn't satisfy our natural instinct to seek acceptance within our communities. The more I see people criticizing each other and essentially tearing themselves down in tandem, the more connection I see with a LACK of connection.

Feeling disconnected from your community triggers that primal urge to establish your worth, and one of the simplest ways to feel superior is to make others feel inferior.

The virtual world is coursing with energy and potential for new connections and creations, but it can become a very dysfunctional place if you get stuck in the wrong circuit.

If it isn't obvious by now, this is something I've been experiencing recently, and it's been difficult to navigate let alone put into words. I haven't felt inspired to write any blogs or even record myself dancing because of the energy that's been inhabiting my mental space. I found myself having so many thoughts that I wanted to direct towards people that I was feeling disconnected from, but I also knew that I was misplacing my energy by letting my attachment to our connection determine how I was going to function.

I had to push my ego aside to admit that I was getting sucked into this negative head space and putting my energy into it with a serious lack of intention. That's the first step. The next step is to redefine those intentions, and then learning to accept that I'm now in a stage of building stronger connections that don't end up draining my energy.

I absolutely love that I've started building my own platform here on my personal website so that I can do exactly that. At the same time, I've been stuck on the other platforms because I still care about the communities that I've found and the connections I've formed there.

My intention with launching this website was to shift my focus to expressing myself for expression's sake, and to attract others who truly resonate with that journey. I have to keep reminding myself of this intention so that I can respect my energy enough to power through the stages of building something that doesn't exist for me yet.

Whether or not you're feeling lost or disconnected, this is your reminder to check in with yourself and what your energy is feeding. Instead of asking "what's their problem?" first try asking "why is this my problem?" and go from there. As much as we want to be understood, it doesn't add up to the necessity for someone else to adapt to your way of thinking.

It may seem like you're paying due respect by putting someone else in their place, but what you're really paying is your attention, and what you're getting in return for it is probably not going to be what you want.

Maybe it's because tomorrow is the start of Gemini season, but I finally feel open-minded enough to start communicating about what really fuels my passion for life. If you're reading this, I hope you'll find a strong connection here that fuels your passion as well.

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